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Dimethyl Ether is a kind of new clean energy with close physical features as liquid petro gas. Recently both production and sales of Dimethyl Ether proliferate in energy industry. However as lack of suitable containers, rapid growth of Dimethyl Ether industry has keen impeded. According to market demands and requirements from National Gas Steel Tank institute, Yingquan took the lead in making researching of special tank for Dimethyl Ether relying on its strength in tech innovation and compiled National standard (Liquidized Petro Gas Steel Tank Standard)
  Product feature
1)Took a lead in researching special steel tank for Dimethyl Ether and compiled related national stardard.
2)Adopted special valve for Dimethyl Ether Cylinders to avoid leaking problem.
3)Major materials are steel sheet appropriately desgined for welding gas tank.
4)Excellent quality, durable and suitable looking. Different appearance from Petro-Gas tank could avoid mixing-up.
  Operating procedure
  General Spec and Main Parameters
Models Inside diameter (mm) Nominal Capacity (L) Tank Material Grade Nominal Wall Thickness (mm) Max Capacity (kg) Tank Height
Φ255 8.7 HP265 2.3 5 370
Φ294 26.0 HP265 2.5 15 544
Φ374 87.0 HP265 3.0 50 1027
Φ450 173.0 HP265 3.5 100 1281
Φ324 35.0 HP265 2.8 20 544
Φ344 52.0 HP265 3.0 30 1027
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